The people of Assam voted for a change and brought in the Congress Government. The people seeking respite from an atmosphere of lawlessness, financial bankruptcy and economic stalemate and underdevelopment, and aspiring for a bright future of the state, wanted a change. Since the Congress could live up to the expectations of the people in the first term, the people of Assam elected Congress to power for the second consecutive term in 2006. Coming into power for the second term, the Congress Government set the following immediate goals:
1. Maintain peace and normalcy in the state;
2. Further improvement and stabilisation of the state’s economic condition;
3. Continue the economic growth from abysmally low 2.5 per cent during the 2000-2001 financial year and achieve at least 7.5 per cent growth rate
4. Facilitate inflow of investment to the state from the Centre as well as multilateral agencies;
5. Solution to unemployment problem through creation of jobs by accelerating the pace of development, agriculture sector development as well as through self-employment schemes; and
6. Giving emphasis on social development with focus on education and health sectors.
We are today happy to claim that Congress Government has achieved significant success in achieving all these goals.



During the last 10 years of Congress Government , Assam has made remarkable stride on the path of economic development and the vast improvement of the state’s financial condition. The Congress inherited an empty treasury in 2001. In contrast, today, we can boast of a strong and stable financial condition of the State. For example, during 2000-2001 when AGP was in power, the state Government was reeling under the burden of overdraft for 294 days while Reserve Bank of India imposed a ban on Government transactions for 175 days in the same year. But today, the state’s treasury operates smoothly all throughout the year while the state Government did not require any overdraft from the Reserve Bank since April 2005. Since then, there has not been any ban by the Reserve Bank of India on Government transactions.
Our Government in February 2006 cleared Rs 630 crore arrears due to state Government employees since the days of the previous AGP regime. Our Government has provincialised the services of over 10,000 teachers and staff of deficit grant colleges in the state. Our Government has regularized the jobs of 30,000 muster roll and work charge workers who had been engaged before April 1, 1993 and have been working continuously, with effect from July 22, 2005.
Our Government received Rs 154.45 crore as non-plan revenue deficit grant under the provisions of economic reforms facility of 11th Finance Commission. Moreover, our Government was