of the Assam Government. Besides, the scheme of providing free electricity connection to 10 lakh BPL families and also distribution of 2 CFL bulbs to each of the families is being implemented. Solar energy has been made available in 2,139 inaccessible villages where electrification is not possible.


+ Electricity will made easily accessible in the nook and corner of all the villages and towns of the State.
+ For generation of power, hydro-electric and thermal power projects will be constructed at suitable places in the State.
+ Steps will be taken up for generation of electricity by completing the Bongaigaon Thermal Power project soon.
+ The villages not yet covered under Rajiv Gandhi Rural Electrification scheme will be covered.
+ In order to augment electric transmission and enhance network in our State in future the Asian Development Bank has agreed to provide an additional amount of 200 million dollars (approx. Rs. 900 crore). Thus speedy development of the power sector will be carried out with funds in the days ahead.


Fulfilling the promises made in the last elections, the North East Industrial Investment Policy (NEIIP) revived in 2007 and extended for another 10 years. The world famous Paat-muga of Sualkuchi and bell-metal industry of Sarthebari have gained in much prominence after initiatives have been taken to modernize these sectors by providing bank loans, marketing assistance and publicity by the Congress Government.
By implementing successfully the Chief Minister’s Udyogjyoti and Pradhan Mantrir Rojgar Yojana employment opportunities have been generated in the past five years of the tenure of the Congress Government. Under Chief Minister’s Jivanjyoti Self-employment Scheme, as many as 52,315 youth have been provided with bank loans, subsidies, besides training to absorb them in small industries and commercial sectors.
3000 youth have been given training for skill development in Hyderabad-based National Academy of Construction. 50,000 handicraft artisans, blacksmiths, bell-metal workers, potters and girls engaged in knitting, cutting and embroidery have been given Rs 10,000 each as financial assistance during the current year.
The Congress Government, in its 5-year term, has set up 11 industrial infrastructure development centres, 3 industry development centres, 2 border trade centres at Sutarkandi and Mankachar, besides construction of 8 special industrial estates based on bamboo, banana, plastic, food, tea, jute, medicine and textile have been started. By setting up Maniram Dewan Trade Centre in Guwahati, exhibition, fair, seminar, etc. are being organized to make a healthy and commercial atmosphere.