+ Roads and drains in the Guwahati city are being constructed during the Congress Government and the rest will be completed to make the city a beautiful one.
+ To solve the problem of artificial flooding in Guwahati city, Congress party will take up an ambitious project with the aim of preservation of wetlands, putting in place an adequate sewerage system, prevention of hill cutting, etc.
+ Steps will be initiated for introduction of Metro Rail services to make the transportation system smooth.


One of the most important programmes of the Congress party is total development of all the small and big towns, including district headquarters and sub-division in Assam. In order to develop the town areas local bodies like Municipal corporations, Municipal boards and Town committees have been created and these have been handed over to the representatives elected by the public.
As per our promises in the last elections, tractors have been provided to each of the municipal body and town committee for the purpose of garbage dumping.
Steps have been taken up to develop crematory grounds and ‘Swargarath’ vehicles have been provided for carrying dead bodies.
A total of 59 infrastructure projects, which were taken up by the Congress Government in Assam in its last tenure, are being implemented in various towns. Among these include construction of drains, houses to be used for various purposes, commercial projects, bus and truck terminus, road construction, etc. For the slum dwellers a total of 8,668 houses are being constructed in various towns. Street lights along the roads of all towns in the State have been initiated.


+ Existing markets will be developed and new markets will be constructed.
+ Blacktopping of roads, construction of drains in a scientific way, drinking water, street lights will be ensured in all the towns of the State.
+ In order to ease traffic jam in all towns, steps will be taken up to widen roads and to construct modern parking lots.
+ For beautification of the towns, parks and garbage treatment plants will be set up; stadiums and swimming pools will be set up for sports activities.
+ Steps will be taken up for eradicating poverty by increasing the number of beneficiaries under various welfare schemes meant for the urban poor.
+ Dwelling units will be constructed for the Harijans and welfare-oriented schemes will be taken.
+ Slum areas of urban areas will be developed.