the election promises earlier, will be implemented properly for all-round development of the people of the minority communities.
+ The Assam Minorities Financial Corporation will be provided with more financial power and grants to provide assistance for minority development.
+ Prime Minister’s 15-point programme of minority development will be implemented properly for the development of the minority people. Schemes of Rs. 703.50 crore will be implemented in 11 districts out of the minority-dominated 13 districts.
+ For sale of agricultural products produced by the minority farmers, modern markets and cold storages will be set up in char and minority-dominated areas. Besides, veterinary hospitals will be set up for treatment of animals.
+ For infrastructure development in char and minority areas, roads, bridges, pure drinking water, communication, electricity, hospitals, etc. will be constructed. Similarly, for educational uplift of the minorities, Sarba Siksha, Madrassa education, elementary, secondary, high and technical education will be promoted.


Guwahati is not only the capital of Assam, but it is also the gateway of the North-east India. Guwahati has already developed itself on the lines of other developed cities in India. Our Congress party and Government want to make Guwahati a very well-planned and beautiful city. Therefore, in the last two terms, the Congress Government has given priority to the development of the city.


+ A well-planned satellite town will be set up near Guwahati.
+ An international trade centre and open space will be built at Fancy Bazaar, from where the Central jail has been shifted.
+ Multi-storey parking places will be constructed in cooperation with the Government and the citizens.
+ A six-lane bridge connecting Guwahati with North Guwahati will be constructed to ease traffic jam and to streamline the traffic.
+ The south bank of the Brahmaputra in Guwahati city will be reconstructed and beautified.
+ Deepor Beel and Shilsako Beel will be preserved and will be developed into tourist spots.
+ Steps will be taken to complete the additional lanes of Panbazar flyover.
+ Proposed ropeway connecting Guwahati with North Guwahati will be completed.
+ 24-hour drinking water supply schemes, viz. a) Western part of South Guwahati Drinking Water Supply Scheme, b) Central area of South Guwahati Drinking Water Supply Scheme, c) North Guwahati Drinking Water Supply Scheme will be completed.
+ Construction work of the garbage treatment plant will be completed.