+ The demands, being raised by various organizations of the tea community like Tea Tribe Students’ Union, Adivasi Students’ Union, Assam Chah Mazdoor Sangh, etc., will be fulfilled through discussions.
+ In the villages of tea garden and tea tribe people, toilets at nominal rates will be ensured through Pure Drinking Water and Sanitation schemes.
+ In the tea garden hospitals in Assam where there is no ambulance service and the conditions of which are not satisfactory, ambulance services will be provided. Such hospitals will be brought under the schemes of the Health department for their development.
+ The tea gardens and the tea community-dominated areas, which were uncovered under the Rajiv Gandhi Rural ElectrificationScheme, will be covered.
+ Electric meter will be installed in the houses of the tea community families which are yet to be covered.


Pure drinking water and sanitation system are the main health parameters. The Public Health Engineering Department of the Assam Government has taken massive steps to ensure pure drinking water and sanitation to all. It has been aimed at ensuring complete sanitation under the ‘Bharat Nirman’ scheme of the Central Government.
As the Congress party and the Government are determined to provide pure drinking water and sanitation system to all the rural people of Assam, a number of plans have been executed in the last term of the Government.

+ Pure drinking water will be ensured to each and every family of the State in next term of the Government. Besides, all the BPL families will be provided with modern latrines.
+ Pure drinking water supply and sanitation system will be completed on priority basis, especially in inaccessible areas, tea garden areas, char-chapori areas, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes dominated areas.
+ Pure drinking water and sanitation system have been provided to almost all the educational institutions and Anganwadi centres of the State. This process will be continued to cover the remaining schools and Anganwadi centres in next 5 years.
+ Areas uncovered by water supply scheme will be covered.
+ Pure drinking water, sanitation system and proper sewerage system will be ensured to all the towns of the State. For this, if necessary, steps will be taken for getting allocation from the Central Government fund under various schemes.
+ Alternative water supply system and water purification plant will be set up in the areas where arsenic and fluoride are found in ground water.