+ Preservation and conservation of various forms of art and literature of different communities would be laid importance.
+ Residence of Sahityarathi Lakshminath Bezbaruah at Orissa’s Chambalpur would be made into a museum.
+ Statue of Miles Bronson would be erected in Sivasagar.
+ Monthly salary would be given to the priest, pastors and the heads of every temple, masjid, guruduwara etc of Assam.
+ Steps would be taken to celebrate the 150 years of Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore and Swami Vivekananda and the necessary steps would soon be taken in this regard.


Cooperative movement was a very important phase of Indian freedom struggle under the able leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. If we call it to be the foundation of India, which primarily is an agriculture oriented country, then it would not be an exaggeration of facts. The Congress party, right from its birth has been a strong advocate and supporter of cooperative movement and therefore we now witness in the entire country including Assam, the strong emergence of various handloom, agro-based industries and trade and commerce activities in the cooperative sector.
As the erstwhile cooperative sector, cooperative loans to the farmers were discontinued. It is the present Congress Government which started the process of extending cooperative to the farmers.
Under the Chief Minister’s Asom Bikash Yojona, 240 multifaceted women cooperative societies have been provided with Rs. 50,000 each as monetary assistance. With the motive of women empowerment, 2486 multifaceted women cooperative societies in the villages were organized and financial assistance given.


+ To strengthen and popularize the cooperative movement in Assam
+ To put into practice the suggestions put forwarded by the President of India to the 2009 Cooperative bill of Assam and make the cooperative societies friendlier for the people.
+ The present Congress Government which have signed a pact with the Central Government and the NABARD and according to it cooperative loan system has been revived again and apart from providing loan to GPSS of Assam’s farmers other businessmen would be provided with 90 percent of its loss by the Central Government and 10% by the state Government; the required 208 crore of rupees for this would be obtained by the Congress Government if it is voted back to power.
+ The suggestions given to the Group of Minister Committee set up to look in to the problems of cooperative movement for providing analysis and solutions, would be implemented strongly in the next 5 years.