Anna Suraksha Yojona would be increased so that more numbers of senior citizens and pensioners are benefited.
+ The present facility of travel concession available for senior citizens and pensioners in state transport would extend for the next 5 years.
+ Modern old age homes would be built in the various districts of the states.
+ Monthly pension for those above 80 would be increased.


Journalism is the fourth estate of democracy; hence a strong world of journalism would help in building a strong nation. The Congress party as well as the Government hope for the goodwill and welfare of the journalists from the soul.
According to the promises made during the last elections, the journalists have kept a peaceful environment while reporting courageously.
The Congress Government has decided for a decrease of 3% in loan interest for those journalists who take house loan from the Assam Co-Operative Apex Bank.


+ According to promise made in last election, the Congress Government has acquired 11 bighas of land near Guwahati for the construction of a Journalist Colony and the work is expected to be completed in the next five years.
+ The present Congress Government has already begun distribution of laptops to the accredited journalists and journalists who have acquired experience of 10 years in the first phase and in the coming five years laptops would be provided to more journalists.
+ Like the present term of the Congress Government, it would ensure that journalists can go about doing their profession without fear in a peaceful atmosphere in the next 5 years.
+ Mofussil journalists will also be brought under medical assistance scheme.


For laying the edifice of a strong country and state, the torchbearers of the future must be nurtured and groomed properly and for that stress should be laid on sports and youth welfare. Congress party has always accorded top priority to the welfare of youth, identifying and nourishing talents of budding sportspersons and developing the sporting scenario. As per the election promises made by the Congress party in 2006, the successful hosting of the 33rd National Games in Assam in February 2007 by the Congress Government brought laurels to the entire State.