The Congress Government, had in 2002 itself moved to the Prime Minister demanding the grant of Scheduled Caste status for these six communities. But although the then BJP led Government at the Centre granted ST status to 142 communities, these 6 six communities were neglected. The Assam Government has again forwarded the demand with adequate justification to the Government of India. The Registrar General raised some issues and the Government of India has referred the matter to State Government for comments. The Congress Government is looking into the matter seriously and taking all necessary measures for a favourable outcome. .


+ The demand for granting ST status to Moran, Motok, Chutiya, Ahom, Koch Rajbongshi and Tea Tribes communities would continue to be again taken up strongly with the Central Government of India.


Assam’s flood and erosion problem is a grave problem. Flood and erosion caused by the Bramhaputra and its tributaries every year largely destroys agricultural land and immense property. Assam’s Congress party and the Government has taken up various schemes every year to counter this problem of flood and soil erosion.
As promised in the last elections manifesto, to counter the problem of flood and soil erosion, the Congress Government has already been successful to achieve loan from the Asian Development Bank. Using 142 million dollar from this loan, Assam Government has already started a project named “Assam Integrated Flood and River Bank Erosion Management Project” and one sub stations each at Dibrugarh, Jorhat and Palashbari of Kamrup district has also been set up.
To counter Dibrugarh’s Rahmariya erosion work has already on a project of budget Rs. 52.36 crore.
Apart from this, by using Geo Textile Tube technique the first emabankment has been constructed at Dhakuwakhana- Matmara. Presently the population of this reason is enjoying the benefits of this embankment.

+ Banking on the success of Matmara Geotube embankment, more such embankments would be constructed over various rivers of Assam using this same Geo Textile Tube, Geo Tube Bag etc. Already various projects have been taken up in hand.
+ Steps would be taken up the Government to achieve 100 percent investment of fund needed for the conservation and protection of Majuli from the Centre.
+ Congress has taken up demand steps so that 100 percent investment of the fund, needed to combat erosion and flood, is made by the Central Government.
+ Congress Government is committed for safeguarding the rights of Assamese people and will never let anything threat the existence of the people. The much publicized reports about the ill