+ Decision has been taken to continue with the facilities of travel by first class in railways and by air, to employees who were so entitled before revision of pay.
+ Decision has been taken to provide fixed travelling allowance and training allowance to more departments.

The issues of the employees will resolved through discussions in coming 5 years.




Right from its birth, the Congress party has been working extensively for the welfare of the scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and people of other backward classes. We believe that without the development of these weaker sections, all round development of Assam cannot be achieved.
As promised in the last election’s manifesto, funds for Scheduled Castes Scheduled Tribes and other backward classes have been increased many fold due to which in those areas where people from scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes reside has seen rapid development of roads, bridges, culverts, schools, health care centers, potable water schemes and power supply. Scholarships for students, avenues of self employment for youth, tractors &power tillers for farmers, financial assistance in pisciculture and monetary grant for piggery, poultry and diary development have also been provided.


+ Setting up of Assam Scheduled Caste Development Council for the all round development of scheduled caste.
+ A special package of Rs 200 crore would be implemented to make the people of scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes for socio-economic development.
+ Fund allocation of the Welfare of Plain Tribes and Backward Classes Department will be enhanced for the all round development of these communities.
+ Steps would be taken to remove problems of these communities by expanding and developing the facilities of potable water, health, education, power supply, transportation etc in the areas mostly inhabited by them. Congress party will ensure equitable development for all sections of society.
+ Land of tribal people residing in tribal belts would be protected by enforcement of the laws .
+ Adequate funds would be provided to all Development Councils.
+ In order to administer the newly formed Development Councils, a new Department will be created.