+ For the teenagers, special steps will be taken to implement two schemes — Rajiv Gandhi National Scheme (SABALA) and the Indira Gandhi Mother Assistance Scheme — in the State;
+ The State Government will take steps as per law to prevent trafficking and abuse of women and children;


There is need of increasing agricultural production. On the one hand, stress will have to be given to control price rise, and, on the other hand, the farmers should get reasonable prices. Efforts will be made to set the farmers free from the clutches of the profit-earning middlemen. In order to increase the productivity of our main crops there is necessity of application of science and technology. During the tenure of AGP Government, only 803 tractors and power tillers were distributed whereas the Congress Government provided 36,686 tractors and power tillers to the farmers. The public distribution system for essential commodities to the poor and common people in fair price shops will be streamlined.


+ In order to increase production of rice, pulses, vegetables, potato, onion, fruits as well as fish, meat, egg and milk, a special programme will be taken up to revolutionize productivity through green, blue and white revolutions;
+ More awareness will be created among farmers for multiple cropping;
+ State agricultural production will be increased by minimum 8 percent;
+ A Farmers’ Council will be formed in the state in order to guide the farmers to boost production;
+ More funds will be allotted to mechanisation of agriculture;
+ For increasing agricultural crop production, agri mechanisation and modernisation will be made extensive. In this regard, tractors, power tillers, pump sets and spray machines will be distributed among the farmers through various departments besides the agriculture department;
+ Emphasis will be given for increasing land fertility by using organic fertilisers. For this purpose, a Mobile Soil Testing Laboratories will be deployed;
+ One Agriculture Development, Science and Technology Centre will be set up in each of the agriculture extension circles;
+ Agricultural loan for the farmers will be made easier to avail. The interest of loan will be subsidized through Government assistance;
+ More farmers will be covered under the Crop Insurance Scheme;
+ For proper marketing of the crops produced by the farmers, all the rural markets, control markets and rural roads & bridges will be completed;
+ A separate agricultural transport system will be introduced;