+ A separate university will be established in the model of SNDT University at Pune for higher education and vocational education.
+ In order to empower the women, vocational training will be imparted. More financial aid and facilities will be provided to women SHGs. The number of women beneficiaries will be increased in the schemes for individual beneficiaries to be implemented in various departments;
+ 30 percent reservation for women in Government service will continue and in the award of contracts, the 10 per cent reservation for women will continue;
+ Besides mass implementation of Assam Government‘s ‘Baideo,’ ‘Nabou,’ ‘Nabowari’ and Central Government‘s Indira Gandhi National Widow pension schemes, in the next five years, poor unmarried girls women of a certain age and the poor widows will be brought under the purview of these welfare schemes; and
+ In order to establish one Women Club in each of the development blocks, Aideo Bhawan will be constructed.


The Indian National Congress party has been giving importance on the social balance and social justice and equal development of every citizen of India.


+ To look after the developmental aspects of children, Child Development Council will be formed;
+ The Congress Government will take up with the Central Government to increase the numbers of Anganwadi centres and will engage more numbers of workers and helpers.
+ Similar to distribution of bicycle to the Anganwadi workers, helpers will also be provided bicycles. The monthly remuneration of Anganwadi workers and helpers will be increased.
+ Schemes for unemployment allowance to the physically challenged people and allowance to the families having physically challenged children, financial assistance to the female siblings of the poor families living belonging to the BPL segment will be taken up. A State Commission for protection of child rights will be set up while Shelter Home for Women and Old Age Homes will be constructed for old women;
+ More beneficiaries will be covered under the schemes for benefit the women like Baideu, Nobou and Nobuwari.
+ Special educational institution will be set up for the dumb and the blind;
+ Chief Minister’s Jivanjyoti Insurance scheme will continue;
+ Chief Minister’s Mahila Samriddhi scheme will continue;
+ Steps will be taken to cover the unorganised and the landless farmers of the state through the Life Insurance scheme - Aam Aadmi Bima;
+ A number of steps will be taken up for the cultural and socio-economic development of the Harijan community by launching collective schemes;