What should be taught in schools? In order to improve the standard of education and to face these challenges, the following measures will be taken up in the state:
+ Knowledge Commission;
+ Education Council;
+ Assam Education Development Corporation;
+ Technical Education Development Corporation;
+ State Teachers’ Council; and
+ Students’ Advisory Council.


A State can never progress without good health of the people of the state. Just like it is a primary duty for a Government to provide security to the life and property of the people, at the same time another primary duty is to provide proper health services to the people. Therefore, the Congress party and the Government have been doing their best for the welfare of all in the state of Assam in the real sense of the term through proper healthcare services.
During the tenure of the AGP Government, the condition of the health sector of our State was so poor that not only there were no doctors, nurses in the hospitals but no medicines were available. The hospitals had actually nothing in the name of building or infrastructure. Let alone Not only there were no new infrastructures but even the existing buildings were in a total bad condition. But in 2001, after the Congress Government took charges under the leadership of Chief Minister, Shri Tarun Gogoi, a revolutionary change began to take place. When the Congress Government came into power again in 2006 and after implementation of the election promises, a there has been a sea change in the health sector. Another hallmark of the success is availability of Mritunjay 108 and Sanjivani 104 services. Lakhs of people have been benefitted by these services.



+ In order to bring in investment in the Health sector the projects, Assam Medical Development Corporation will be formed.
+ The welfare of the people of the state will be ensured through implementation of all the schemes under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM);
+ There will be more emphasis on better health services to the people in char areas, tea- tribe and minority-inhabited areas, hills and remote areas;
+ Mobile health care units have been launched in 23 districts of the state. Such mobile health care units will be started in all the sub-divisions in next five years;
+ Modern boat ambulance will be launched for the people of all char areas;
+ Apart from the construction and renovation of all the sub health centres of the state in the next 5 years, sub health centres will be opened in new areas;
+ The construction of the already announced medical colleges at Diphu, Nagaon, Kokrajhar,