+ Firm efforts will continue to maintain law and order in the state;
+ Ensure security to lives and property of all sections of citizens;
+ Restoration of permanent peace in the state by finding solution through dialogue with all active insurgent groups in the state;
+ Rehabilitation of the cadres of the insurgent groups that have already declared a ceasefire. All efforts will be taken to bring the active insurgent groups to the mainstream of society;
+ State Police force will be made more effective through infrastructure development, administrative reforms, and all round modernisation;
+ Home Guards and Village Defence Party will be strengthened and facilities for the members of these forces will be enhanced;
+ Number of police stations and outposts will be increased in proportionate with the population and with focus on far-flung areas;
+ All steps will be taken to rehabilitate those insurgents who have returned to the mainstream and want to lead a normal life;
+ The scheme to grant adequate compensation to family members of victims of violence including members of security forces and civilians will continue and special steps will be taken to provide education to children of such families.
+ The assistance, provided through the welfare scheme, to family members of victims of Secret Killings will continue.


During the rule of the AGP Government till 2001, the educational scenario in Assam came to a halt. Apart from anarchy prevalent in all spheres during this period, the overall development, economy, law and order, and the peaceful social environment of the State was all in disarray. The standard of education not only declined, but the pass percentage of the students in the High School and Higher Secondary final examinations were very poor.
After formation of the Congress Government under the leadership of Chief Minister, Shri Tarun Gogoi in the month of May 2001, due to clear policy, exuberant efforts of the Congress party, besides gradual improvement in the state’s economy, growth, law and order, etc., a ray of hope was seen in the education sector too, and a new era began gradually with a revolutionary change in the education sector.
Due to our emphasis on the education sector, the present education scenario has improved. It is observed that in 2001, when we came to power, the pass percentage of High School final examination